Another TP project :). This time I experimented fracturing with maps. The cylinder is pre-fragmented with Rayfire and the second layer of fragmentation is driven by a map and Fragment node in TP. Then secondaries were added.


ball explode!

The main motion of the ball was done in TP. I then used the “Groups as objects” feature inside TP and point cached the motion, so that I can easily merge it into a new clean scene later.

The ball was manually fragmented with Rayfire. For shooting the fragments I used the direction of the distance between the fragments and a point helper in the scene. Then added more particles on the broken faces.

For Fume stuff I exported the fragments group from TP and used those as Obj.Emitters.


simple TP system that i made for fun 🙂
The dynamics were handled by thinkingParticles. Real cool BringTo node combined with simple UDeflector collision and experimenting with time intervals, particles age and changing groups.
I also used those TP groups as emitters in FumeFX and rendered something like colorful smoke in Krakatoa.
The rest of the stuff was rendered in V-Ray.

The Meteor

A thikingParticles project I had in mind for a long time and finally realized it.
I did with educational purposes (detecting shape collisions, volumeBreak node, debris).
FumeFx was something new to me, so I learnt at the same time.
Finally I put everything together in Nuke and Vegas and that’s what came out.
Hope you enjoy it! 🙂