About me

I’m Tsvetan Milanov. 23 years old, from Bulgaria.

This year I’m graduating NBU (New Bulgarian University). I studied “Computer graphics and animation”. During that time I gained modelling, lighting, rendering and animation experience. Later I started using Particle Flow to do some physically based dynamics. Then a teacher of mine showed me an exploding cube with PArray and not long after I started breaking teapots in Rayfire. Then I realized that it would be awesome to have the flexibility of a particle system and the fracturing of Rayfire combined. I did a little research and I found that rule-based particle system: thinkingParticles. I started with creating simple particle systems, then I started exploring the Volume Breaker node and combining what I’ve learned with FumeFX.

Particle systems: Particle Flow, thinkingParticles
Fluid dynamics: FumeFX, Afterburn, Krakatoa, Realflow
Rigid body and fragmentation dynamics: thinkingParticles, Rayfire
Compositing: Nuke, Fusion